QUILLES Jonathan

    Curious, I am interested in everything related to science and new technologies. Always eager to learn and discover, I like helping people, solving problems and taking on challenges.
    A true robotics enthusiast, I decided to make it my job. I did my engineering studies at ESTIA (high school of advanced industrial technologies located in Biarritz), where I quickly invested myself as president of the association ESTIA SYSTEM , (student robotics association of ESTIA school). I then specialized in robotics and embedded systems, completing my engineering degree with a Master’s degree, obtained at the British University Salford (in Manchester).
    In order to finance my studies, I started in parallel with their realization as a self-entrepreneur in 2014, an activity with which I realized many projects. I was then recruited by Octopus Robots first as an external service provider and then as a CTO engineer, and partner, after obtaining my diplomas, to set up a mobile robot decontamination solution in poultry environment. .
    I left my post in 2018 because of disagreement over the strategic choices of the development of the project and I have since benefited from it to concentrate on my own projects of companies namely Robot Maker and soon: Vigirobotics.
    I am the administrator of the Robot Maker site where I am known as Mike118 and I am currently president from the company Robot Maker SAS.


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